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Review Red Fork


As you can tell that I like to post reviews. I don’t have a bunch of them, but I really try to post about the new things I try. I don’t always have time to do the whole fresh home cooked meal bits. In those moments, I turn to the healthiest processed stuff I can get. I was really impressed by Red Fork’s roasted potato seasoning. It’s not a powder. It’s a liquid. You simply cut your potatoes, toss in the seasoning, throw on the pan and bake. Here’s the downfall….I really had to do more thin slices of potatoes. I don’t mean like scalloped potato thin, but just smaller wedges. If you have thick wedges then you’re going to end up with partially raw potatoes.  It is a little more than what I would regularly like to pay. I’d like to see the prices decrease at least by 50 cents to make this a more regular purchase for me. 50 cents is a big difference for purchases like this, at least it is for me. Any way, the thing is…it’s a great every once in a while purchase. I will purchase again. It’s very yummy. Cook well!

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Classico Review


Where to begin? As a kid, my cousin Mandy and I used to cook every Friday night for ourselves when we spent the night with my grandparents. We used to buy stuff like this. You know the thoughts, easy to make, teenager made easy type meals. We’d get the precooked chicken and make some mean pasta. Back then we thought we were the best cooks ever. I decided to buy this sauce, which is not the same sauce I used to buy. Normally, the sauce I buy is in the refrigerated section. This sauce wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely not cheesey tasting. It was like gravy. The plus is the kid liked it. However, I probably wont buy this product again. I was pretty unhappy with it. I guess there was a reason why I stopped purchasing it…What’s your experiences?