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Review: Nestle Aero


I found this chocolate bar in the ethnic aisle from the grocery store. Coop loves, loves, loves this chocolate bar, but the rest of the family didn’t like the bubble feeling. The taste of the chocolate is fantastic though. It’s smooth and sweet. It melts quickly in your mouth. When we visited Hershey, PA we did a taste testing. They said when you eat chocolate you break it and you listen for the snap. You don’t hear that here. That’s ok though. Then you take a small piece and place it on your tongue. Don’t chew it. Let it dissolve. What do you taste? Coop said you taste the best chocolate ever. Anyway, this chocolate is definitely good, but the bubbles of this English/Canadian bar can throw you off. Try it! You may like it ya’ll!

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Review: Great Value Beef Brisket

I will admit, this sat in my freezer for three months. I didn’t want to eat it. I thought oh man ugh. I kept putting it off for making it. One day the husband was away and he was going to be home for lunch and I didn’t have anything to make! I brought out the dreaded frozen meal. I heated it thinking it was the end of the world, I was literally cringing. It was a mistake. It’s really good. I had only two complaints. Our meat had a ton of fat. Secondly, the green beans weren’t that great. Would I buy it again? Absolutely. It was actually super good. I’d probably microwave the green beans longer, they were just way too crunchy for my liking. Not a bad quick meal!


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Review: Sam’s Choice Four Cheese Risotto


I was hesitant about trying it. So much so that I let it sit in the kitchen pantry for months. I was so iffy about it. Finally tonight I decided to try some different recipes.  When I went to find some kind of starch, this is the number one thing that caught my eye. Turns out, making this tonight turned out to be a great idea. It was SO good. The one thing I’m going to tell ya’ll is make sure that you leave some liquid. It’ll seem soupy, but it isn’t. Once it sits it’ll be perfect. I regret not trying it sooner. It’s seriously some of my favorite new starch. I could eat it all day. I like to add a little more parmesan cheese and it’s even better! I can’t even think of a negative thing about this dish. It’s that good ya’ll. Enjoy it!

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Review: Gordo’s Cheese Dip


My favorite Mexican restaurant has the best ever cheese dip. I’m not going to be able to go and get my favorite dip every time I’m in the mood. My husband would be SO mad!! The closest thing I have found to it is Gordo’s. The only thing that I have to do is because the original doesn’t have enough pow and the jalapeño has too much pow. I’ve found that I really like to mix them together and it has the perfect spice amount.  However, I can eat it either way. The biggest downfall to the jalapeño one is that the jalapeño’s are not cut into small enough pieces for my preference. The big pieces end up settling to the bottom, When you get to the bottom, you end up wasting a bunch of yummy cheese. Overall though, this is the best cheese ever.

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Review: Le Sueur


Those of you who have followed my blog know I like to review products too. I began doing this because there are so many products out there. I grew up in a home with a mother who brand shopped. This is actually one of the brands she’d buy. She never bought any peas besides these, ever. I do buy other brands, but this is my go to brand. I can’t explain what the difference is, but I contribute it to the “very young small” sweet peas. I really don’t insist on only buying this brand, but I do think that their peas are much superior to most other brands, therefore I do tend to buy this brand over much of the others. Who here has tried this brand? What have been y9our thoughts?


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Review Red Fork


As you can tell that I like to post reviews. I don’t have a bunch of them, but I really try to post about the new things I try. I don’t always have time to do the whole fresh home cooked meal bits. In those moments, I turn to the healthiest processed stuff I can get. I was really impressed by Red Fork’s roasted potato seasoning. It’s not a powder. It’s a liquid. You simply cut your potatoes, toss in the seasoning, throw on the pan and bake. Here’s the downfall….I really had to do more thin slices of potatoes. I don’t mean like scalloped potato thin, but just smaller wedges. If you have thick wedges then you’re going to end up with partially raw potatoes.  It is a little more than what I would regularly like to pay. I’d like to see the prices decrease at least by 50 cents to make this a more regular purchase for me. 50 cents is a big difference for purchases like this, at least it is for me. Any way, the thing is…it’s a great every once in a while purchase. I will purchase again. It’s very yummy. Cook well!

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Classico Review


Where to begin? As a kid, my cousin Mandy and I used to cook every Friday night for ourselves when we spent the night with my grandparents. We used to buy stuff like this. You know the thoughts, easy to make, teenager made easy type meals. We’d get the precooked chicken and make some mean pasta. Back then we thought we were the best cooks ever. I decided to buy this sauce, which is not the same sauce I used to buy. Normally, the sauce I buy is in the refrigerated section. This sauce wasn’t horrible, but it was definitely not cheesey tasting. It was like gravy. The plus is the kid liked it. However, I probably wont buy this product again. I was pretty unhappy with it. I guess there was a reason why I stopped purchasing it…What’s your experiences?