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Dear Lancaster…

Dear Lancaster,

Let me tell you how I adore thee. Ok ya’ll. Don’t think I’m crazy, but I have a crazy obsession with the Amish. It’s something about the way they act, their beliefs, their lifestyle that fascinates me. Most of all their cooking and their crafting have me crazy excited! We went to Katie’s Kitchen when were in Lancaster. It was the most amazing restaurant. My husband had turkey, I had meatloaf, the boys had a philly cheesesteak burrito, and a mushroom swiss cheeseburger. I actually can say I didn’t care for the meatloaf, but the turkey I stole from my husbands plate was the most amazing thing ever. Then a whoopie pie for dessert….it was heaven. I have determined that I adore whoopee pies. I also love their cinnamon rolls, I just don’t care a lot for their icing. That’s just because I’m not really into sweet foods much. Guys if you go up go to Katie’s Kitchen and to the Bake Shop in Bird in Hand, Pa. You’ll love it.

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New potatoes


When I was a kid, we always had a garden. I used to LOVE the first crop coming in. I knew this meant crispy, crusty, yummy, brown, new potatoes. I always loved this. Something about a new potato being creamy and good.

This was my favorite part of the year because I knew that I worked hard to help. I was little, but my hands were helping hands. My grandfather, bless his soul, he calls me Annie, or Jean Annie…he’d always say “Jean Annie, come help me with these potatoes”…or cucumbers, or whatever they might be working on. He’d get me over there and let me use the hoe. I felt so strong and so special. That’s one thing he always did. I felt like no matter what I was the only one that mattered. Everytime I make this recipe I think of this time of my life.


Here’s all you need….

new potatoes


seasoning (i use salt and pepper, sometimes something like bbq rub…)

Cut up potatoes. Usually I cut into fours. I melt some butter in a frying pan and throw it all in the pan. I cover it with a lid, until the potatoes are soft. Once you get to this point, take the lid off and continue to brown the potatoes. Make sure you turn these while cooking!


Sausage and Potatoes


I totally used the bbq seasoning. Honestly,¬†I¬†thought it was going to be gross. I’m really weird about bbq. I ended up really liking the recipe. It was very good. My siblings who are the worlds most pickiest twin duo even liked it. To my surprise, they tried it. When they were babies, I was a teenager. I used to try to get them to eat new things, but they never would. So now every time they try something new and they like it I feel like I’ve just scored a huge win. This recipe is deemed picky eater approved. Try it!

2 packs of smoked sausage

1/2 teaspoon a1 mesquite rub or Montreal seasoning

4-5 potatoes

1/4 onion thinly diced

Olive oil

Heat a small amount of oil in a cooker. Add potatoes. Add seasoning. Add onion. Cover. Let cook. Slice Smoked Sausage in about 1/4 inch pieces. Throw in meat. Recover and cook until hot.

Soups and Stews

Irish Stew


Just can’t pass up a good ol’ Irish stew. My boys are definitely meat and potato kinda’ guys. These guys will eat their veggies, but finding ways to have them asking for more is definitely at the top of my want list. The best thing about this stew is the tomato paste gives this stew a nice depth. I think another pretty awesome thing about this dish is that I got it from an old Irish woman. She makes the dish better than I do, but I contribute it to love. She puts so much love into cooking. I feel honored to have her recipe.

2 tablespoons canola oil

3 tablespoons all purpose flour

2 lbs beef stew meat

4-5 large carrots, peeled and sliced

4-5 large potatoes peeled and cubed

2 cloves garlic, minced

2 cups beef broth

6 oz tomato paste

12 oz Irish beer (such as Guinness)

1 tablespoon water (optional)

1 tablespoon cornstarch

Roll meat in flour. Fry meat in large pan with the canola oil. Remove meat from pan. add the tomato paste, beef broth, and beer. Add beef back to the pot. Pour in the carrots and potatoes and cover. Cook until meat and vegetables are tender. If the liquid part of the stew is not thick enough add cornstarch mixture. Otherwise, this will be needed when you convert the recipe to the crockpot.

Important note: This recipe can be converted to a crockpot recipe. Cook for 6 hours. At the end of the 5th hour you will need to add cornstarch mixed with the water the recipe calls for.