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Christmas: Bethlehem Dinner

For the last few years we have practiced a modern day version of a Bethlehem dinner. Can you imagine how it must have been during the time of Jesus’ birth? What better way to teach our children the meaning of Christmas, but through a hands on activity? We learned about what foods they ate during that time. Afterwards we read stories and did a special Christmas bible study.

When I first started this our kiddo was just little. I ran across someone who did a post about their own. I’ve seen churches that do them too. It’s a carnival type event, but different than games and such. It’s such a fun event. I wish our church did such elaborate events.

What are your traditions? Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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Back to School Lunch Pt. 2


I love to make things that Cooper can take to school for lunch. It’s been really hard because he really hates to eat at school, but he gets bored of sandwiches. I HATE lunchables. I once bought one from the store and it was moldy. Ever since then, I wont buy them. It grossed me out. Plus I figure homemade one’s taste better and cut down the amount of processed foods. I do highly suggest you to get the silicone muffin liners so that the juices of the ham don’t get on your crackers and cheese and make them soggy and gooey. I don’t feel like it’s enough so I also throw in a fruit and some mini homemade jam muffins. Sometimes I’ll throw in an additional pudding, or a yogurt. He doesn’t love the carrot sticks, but he eats them anyway. I’m pretty lucky in that aspect. I’m interested in your back to school successful lunches!

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Tub Cleaning


I’m cruising around Facebook and I come across a post about a shower cleaner that’s supposed to be the bomb! I shared it and thought oooh I gotta try this. Today I was at Walmart and had to get dish washer soap, and remembered the post. I seen the brush and it really wasn’t very much money. I decided to get it.

Here’s what you do. First add your dish soap. Preferably Dawn soap. You really want to add this first because if you don’t, then the vinegar pours out. Lesson learned! Then you add equal amounts of vinegar. Shake it up really good and scrub that tub. You’ll have to rinse it, but afterwards it’s really shiny and sparkly. It’s going to be my new go to!

Scrub brush


Dawn dish soap

Open scrub brush and put equal parts of dish soap and vinegar. Shake and use.

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Today’s Makin’s Chicken Broth


Today I made some chicken broth. I’ve made it before and posted my recipe. It was just one of those days. I had found some whole organic chicken’s on sale for 5.00 each. How can you pass that up? I got a ton of chicken broth from it and 5 meals. I froze the chicken broth for future use. I think that you should make the best use out of all of your products. I’ve even taken bones and froze them to add to my pot. Nothing goes to waste. You don’t even have to use whole chickens. A while back our grocery store had a summer blow out sale. Basically, they had chicken breasts, thighs, and legs SUPER CHEAP. You can definitely do that.

I know this isn’t my traditional recipe entry, but I wanted to come back to this and reshare. If you don’t take anything from my blog, I hope that you do take this tip. First off, making your own chicken broth is amazing! Secondly, it really is cost effective. You can multi purpose that chicken. I got several meals from mine. A lot of people are afraid it’s complicated to make, but it really is one of the most simple things you’ll do. Anyway Enjoy and don’t forget to check out the recipe!! It’s tagged in blue at the beginning of the post.

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Rocks or Candy?

Normally I wouldn’t post like this, but I have to…this caught my attention and it’s the funniest thing I have ever seen. See these rocks? You wouldn’t believe that they are really chocolate candy pieces would you? They really are!!

My mother in law recently took a trip to Florida. She found these somewhere between here and there and bought them for Coop. She brought them in and gave them to him. She said, here ya go Coop, here’s some rocks. He smiles real big and he says ok, I’ll go add them to my collection. He proceeds to giggle as he pretends to tip toe away. Obviously he had an idea what they were. He ate one and loved them. I tried them too. It’s actually really good!

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My kid recently had his room repainted and just “made over”. I decided I wanted to do something special for him. Our lives are going to be changing forever soon and I want for all of our kids to feel important and loved. I like to make these small gestures from the heart. For me this is part of the way I show my love. I think they know that too. Last night when I gave it to him, I put it on his bed and had him come see. He quickly turned back the covers and said oooh nice. Can I go to bed now? He’s such a fun kid. I’m so honored to be his mother. If I could I’d give him the world. He’s the most amazing kid I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky!!!!

Anyway, I really wanted to show you what I had made. I’m wondering…what do you do in your free time?

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Bathroom Remodel


We have been going through our house redoing different rooms of our home. I painted the walls and made the pretty sign I hung above the toilet. I was really pleased with how it turned out and I feel like it’s a bathroom we can be proud of. It’s the bathroom downstairs, so the kids use it and so do guests that come to visit. The only thing I wish I could do in the bathroom is figure out a way to have more storage space.