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Review: Birds Eye Veggie Made


My nutritionist said that she had eaten a few varieties of these. I decided to give it a try. It’s not HORRIBLE. However, I don’t love it. It does not taste like mac and cheese and has an odd after taste. What really bugged me the most though was that most of my “noodles” were almost hard. I didn’t over cook it either. I may or may not eat this again. I just have very little to say about the product currently. I’m anxious to try the other flavors.

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Vamped Frozen Green Beans


We love green beans. There’s only so many ways you can cook them though. My biggest issue is, I get tired of the same ol’ thing. That’s something that I’ve struggled with in eating the way the nutritionist has told me to. I feel like I’ve ate so much broccoli, I might be a broccoli stalk. Ugh….

I need more veggie recipes. I’ve been searching through the blogs I follow at the veggies they post…but I am just so veggie picky. I literally eat like a toddler when it comes to veggies. I HATE salads…but I am going to try a strawberry spinach salad soon! Ugh…What’s your favorite veggies?

2 cups chicken broth

bag of green beans

2 pieces of bacon

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together and cook until tender.

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Tater Tot Casserole


I love the idea of tater tot casserole. The problem is I HATE mushrooms. Most recipes call for cream of mushroom soup. I decided to trade it out for cheddar cheese soup. It turned out pretty good. Coop was really pleased.

The other day our freezer went out.  I had to literally stuff all the contents of this huge freezer into our tiny side by side fridge. Well only half of it fit. In a state of panic I tell hubby to call his mom, let’s stuff the rest in hers and what wont fit we’ll just cook. He got everything but one ham into her freezer. He asked our neighbor to store it. Thank GOD for them!

My hubby had met this one guy who works on appliances. He decided to call him. The guy ended up coming out on a Saturday night, which we didn’t expect. I was so grateful! Now it’s fixed and all our stuff in it and ready to go!

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cheddar cheese soup

1 8oz bag cheddar cheese soup

1 bag tater tots

ground beef

Brown ground beef and drain. Mix with soups. Layer in a casserole dish. Top with cheddar cheese. Top with tater tots.  Bake 350 degrees until tater tots are browned.

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Natural low carb store: Chocolate cake — Diabetes Diet — My Meals are on Wheels

OH MYYYY I NEED this in my life! YUM! Next on my to make list!

Ingredients 9 Eggs (medium) 300g Dark Chocolate (minimum 72% cocoa) 150g Inulin Powder 70g Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 30ml Double Cream 1 tsp Vanilla Extract Method (makes approx. 18 servings) Pre-heat the oven to 140°C. Melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over hot water (bain-marie) then stir through the double cream. Whilst the […] via […]

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Breakfast O’Brien Casserole


Every once in  a while I decide I want to make a breakfast. I woke up at about 7:45AM but I was feeling bad, so I went back to sleep. It was about 9 when I woke up again. I came downstairs and got some stuff out of our deep freezer….ONLY….

…get this…

it decided to not work. Luckily, we know a great repair man, so he’ll be here this evening.  That made me annoyed, because I did lose some stuff, but at the same time I’m sooooo thankful. I literally have probably 1000.00 worth of food in that freezer. I’m feeling pretty thankful that it all remained good, except those minor few things.

So anyway, I rush around and help hubby get the stuff in our freezer on our fridge and then get the rest ready to go to his mom’s house. While he and Coop got our other food to hubby’s mom’s.

We sit down to eat and Coop says mom is there gravy in this? I thought man this kid is kinda’ observant. lol…He’s a good kid! I love him so much!

1/2 bag O’Brien potatoes, cooked per directions

1/2 lb ground sausage, cooked

1/2 can cheddar cheese soup

4 scrambled eggs

2 cups cheddar cheese

Salt and Pepper to taste

Layer cooked potatoes in bottom of casserole dish. Spread on cheese soup. Top with sausage. Add cooked scrambled eggs. Top with cheddar cheese. Salt and pepper each layer as desired. Cook 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted. CAN DOUBLE RECIPE.

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Lipton’s Onion Soup Collection — Frugal Hausfrau

I SO need this. I use this stuff often. The packets are expensive considering how much you get. Thanks Frugal Hausfrau. I def needed this~


When I posted a recipe for French Onion Soup Burgers using my Homemade Lipton’s Onion Soup Mix the other day, I searched my site for recipes made with that mix. I decided there were enough to start a little “collection.” How fun are some of these retro (and newer) recipes? So what’s your favorite recipe (if you have…

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Grilled Pork and Pineapple


It’s gone. There’s not one single piece of this left. I’m so not kidding! They asked me to make another one. Can you believe that?

The day had already started out really bad. I had to do this test that required me to take a steroid pill, just a small dose, like 1 mg or something, right before bed! People, it kept me up ALL NIGHT. I tossed, I turned, I thought I was going to die from the heat, even though it was in the upper 60’s in my house. Then….I get up at 645. I had to get Coop ready for school. I leave my house about 830 to go to the hospital to take my test. Bloodwork had to be done by 9am. Little did I know I get there and there’s a WHOLE WAITING room full of people! It was 9am when they finally registered me. I run as fast as I can without killing others to get to the lab. The guy finally gets out there…and he’s like it’s after 9, I don’t know if you should do it. I’m so angry at this point. I didn’t know what else to do, so I called the dr’s office and asked what I should do. He said to go ahead and do it. So I did. HONESTLY….the guy was rough. He hurt my arm because he jerked the needle out. Hubby and I joked it was pay back because I was annoyed with him. After I finished that, I had an appointment with a nutritionist.

That went great. I learned SO much about food. I thought I fed my family healthy meals, and for the most part I do, but I wasn’t feeding them enough food to sustain them. I didn’t have any idea. I felt horrible. It’s hard though. My son has grown so quickly. He’s 5 ft 6 and barely 12 years old. How that happened, I don’t know…I just thought he was eating too much food. He would ask for snacks every day after school and I thought no he doesn’t need one, he can wait for dinner. Turns out that’s not correct either. It’s crazy, I couldn’t win! I’ll tell ya’ll more about that appointment later on. I learned some cool things. The best thing is, I don’t have to not eat things, I regularly eat!

I decided we’re going to start on this now….so here we are- this is what’s for dinner.

1 pork loin

salt and pepper


3 tablespoons orange marmalade

Sprinkle pork with salt and pepper.  Brush with pineapple and 2 tablespoons of marmalade. Grill until cooked through.

Note: I didn’t grill. I browned mine in a pan and then put it in the oven. I then brushed it with the marinade regularly.

Note 2: Be liberal with the salt and pepper.