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Tip of the Day! How to cut an onion!


I have a horrible time trying to get the perfect even thin sliced onions…I can’t stand to sit there and slave away over them as it is. Tears are always streaming down my face, my nose is running because of that nasty onion let me make you sob like a baby  joy you get. We’ve all been there. Don’t deny it. Some onions are worse than others. There are two things I do to help this…..

Number 1: If I need chopped onions, I add a little water to a food chopper and throw in some onions. Then I can just put it in the fridge for a few days and use it as needed. Just beware that the smell is super strong as it sits in the fridge. I wouldn’t leave it more than 2 or 3 days though before using. I’m not even sure how long it will last otherwise, I usually use it up pretty quick. I do 1-2 onions at a time.

Number 2: This is my favorite tip. If you cut your onion in half, in fours, whatever you need..then you slice it like I am in the photo above, with a vegetable peeler! YES folks, a veggie peeler! It works and it gives you pretty little strings of onions.  Enjoy!

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Freezer to table


The other day I shared a Chili recipe. I know ya’ll tried it. I know ya’ll loved it. HAHA…OK, that’s not the point of this post…Here it is…

So Monday night is scout night. Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Friday’s are crazy day times because my hubby has his own things to do. Finally, Monday  to Friday kids are in school. I’m one of those mom’s who packs school lunch for the kids because school food in general doesn’t seem to make them very happy. Hubby prefers something besides a sandwich every day…I like to try to oblige. Frozen meals can add up in dollars and eating out everyday is even more dollars. What I do is try to buy a little bit more than what I normally would cook. Usually what happens is that I don’t want to eat it the next day too. Sometimes I do, if I love the meal I cooked. I’m just a weird, picky eater, just to be honest. I have found there are certain things I can freeze. Chili from the other night is one of those things. Guys don’t get crazy and throw stuff in the freezer in one big ol’ pot. Make it easy.


Something like this is what I usually use; in fact this is the exact thing I have. Anything like it would work, but this particular one is a large one that is about what you would use as one ladle- one and a half ladles. I can easily fill them and flop them in the freezer. When they are frozen I can take them out and put in a freezer bag. Whenever I take a notion to have chili, I take it out and heat it up. It’s easy and it prevents waste. I do this with a lot of different soups too. However, there are some soups that just don’t freeze well. Lesson is…be careful with the things you try to freeze. Not everything freezes well.