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Hot Chili Pops


I recently seen these chili infused lollipops in the store. I decided to get one for Coop. He tried it and was really skeptical at first. After a few minutes he was like mom, these are really, really good. They had apple, watermelon, and maybe pineapple. I can’t remember exactly. Have you seen these?

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Review: Stouffer’s Seasoning Wraps


I was feeling pretty weary about these. I had to try it. Then when I got home I realized you don’t bake it. Instead you put them the middle of the parchment and just put it in the frying pan. Crazy enough, it’s on the front of the pack. I didn’t even see it. It was pretty good though. We enjoyed it. The boys have asked me to buy it again. I’m going to try it again with some type of seasoned rice. I think it’ll be really good with it. I will be buying this again and I’ll definitely try some of the other flavors. I recommend this product. It’s super good.

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Review: Idahoan Potatoes


Generally, I don’t make this type of stuff. For a few reasons. First, It’s processed. I really do try to avoid it if I can. Lately that’s not the case. We’ve eaten so much processed foods, it’s unreal. I tried another brand, which I’ll not  worry about the name here, but the problem is usually all of the potatoes are crushed and nasty when you cook it. These were fantastic. They even tasted better than any brand I’ve tried before. My son loves these type of potatoes, so every once in a while I try to make them. This will probably be my new favorite brand. What’s yours?

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Review: Kraft

48387666_2404983346181918_8556751962433912832_n.jpgSweet teriyaki….sounds and looks so good. However, it wasn’t my favorite. Kraft should stick to just the BBQ portion of the sauce business. I just wasn’t incredibly impressed. Luckily it wasn’t horrible. Some people may love it, but the taste was just so off from what I know teriyaki sauce to be, that I just couldn’t get accustomed to it.

Have you tried this?

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Review: Wild Garden


I found this in our ethnic aisle at the grocery store. I used it on chicken. It wasn’t until after I used it all that I realized, I could have used it on veggies too. I really liked the marinade, but I didn’t use it as long as the package says and it was still stronger. I even rubbed the chicken on the side of the bowl to get a little off of the chicken. Honestly, it was super good. We liked it. I’ll buy it again. In fact, my guys liked it soooo much that they ended up eating all of it.

Have you tried this marinade? What was your thoughts?

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Review: Roland Parmesan Risotto


I made this. I always see these different pasta things in the aisles at the supermarket and I think hmm…easy peasy–let’s do it. We do. This is one of those things we’re glad we tried it. It’s really creamy. It tastes good. I wish it’d have a deeper parmesan taste, but you can do that by adding a bit of your own parmesan if you choose, but it’s good without it too. In fact, my son said mom this is good stuff, what is it. He was told and then he says well let’s buy this again! It cooks at a normal time. It’s not quick, but it’s not so crazy that whenever you cook it ends up leaving you with chewy noodles. It’s perfect. We like it!

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Roland’s Israeli Couscous

I will admit at first I was unsure if I even liked this. However, after a few bites, I was hooked. I’ve determined that I really enjoy Israeli couscous even more than regular. It’s bigger. I love that this has a tangy, Tuscan, yummy flavor. I’ll be buying this again. It’s good. It isn’t dry, like I found regular couscous from another unsaid company to be. I highly recommend you give this a try- it’s so good.