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Review: Roland Parmesan Risotto


I made this. I always see these different pasta things in the aisles at the supermarket and I think hmm…easy peasy–let’s do it. We do. This is one of those things we’re glad we tried it. It’s really creamy. It tastes good. I wish it’d have a deeper parmesan taste, but you can do that by adding a bit of your own parmesan if you choose, but it’s good without it too. In fact, my son said mom this is good stuff, what is it. He was told and then he says well let’s buy this again! It cooks at a normal time. It’s not quick, but it’s not so crazy that whenever you cook it ends up leaving you with chewy noodles. It’s perfect. We like it!

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Roland’s Israeli Couscous

I will admit at first I was unsure if I even liked this. However, after a few bites, I was hooked. I’ve determined that I really enjoy Israeli couscous even more than regular. It’s bigger. I love that this has a tangy, Tuscan, yummy flavor. I’ll be buying this again. It’s good. It isn’t dry, like I found regular couscous from another unsaid company to be. I highly recommend you give this a try- it’s so good.

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Review: Birds Eye Veggie Made


My nutritionist said that she had eaten a few varieties of these. I decided to give it a try. It’s not HORRIBLE. However, I don’t love it. It does not taste like mac and cheese and has an odd after taste. What really bugged me the most though was that most of my “noodles” were almost hard. I didn’t over cook it either. I may or may not eat this again. I just have very little to say about the product currently. I’m anxious to try the other flavors.

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Alamo Steak House Pigeon Forge, TN

I’m just not a big fan. I’d give them probably 3.5-4 stars. Honestly, I was so upset because their prices online do not reflect the prices of their actual menu. It’s like double the cost. Only kids can order off the kids menu. Normally I don’t complain much about this, because there’s something at least comparable on the regular menu. Not here. Their steaks were all big. I couldn’t eat all of that. Cooper and I could have just shared a cheeseburger. This is the cheeseburger he got. It was ONE POUND. Why does one need a one pound cheeseburger? I didn’t get it! I got some French onion soup, because it’s my favorite soup. Anytime I’m at a restaurant and they have it, I must buy it. It was pretty good, but the richness was so much and there was nothing to cut through that richness. I couldn’t finish it, because I couldn’t tolerate that richness. I ate about half of it. If it had something to freshen up with, I think the soup would have been the bomb. I had a kids steak, because it’s what Coop ordered, and then I ended up eating it, because the cheeseburger looked better to him I guess. Anyway the steak had been brined for too long. They had horrible texture. Coop did LOVE the cheeseburger and fries though. For 3 people we paid 95.00. I almost died. It was just too much. Our waiter refused to come by our table regularly. He made me feel uncomfortable. The waiter aside, because he didn’t matter; I will not go back again. It’s just too expensive for my blood for blah food.

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Curley’s BBQ Pigeon Forge, TN


We always try to go to places we’ve never been to before when we go on vacations. No chain restaurants that we can go to at home. We decided to try out Curley’s.  I’m super picky about BBQ sauce…and I loved theirs. We really loved their fries. They were the best part of the whole meal. The BBQ was ok. It wasn’t horrible, but it was really dry. As you can see I put a ton of BBQ on mine, so I wouldn’t choke to death. I’m hoping that the issue is not wide spread, but instead an isolated incident. I also think they’re rather pricey. It really sucked we sat in the drive thru forever waiting for our food too. I’d probably give them a 3.5 stars. I don’t know if I’ll ever go back, but I’d definitely consider it.

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Hollywood Star Car Museum


We really liked this adventure. We went to the Hollywood Star Car Museum in Gatlinburg, TN. We really enjoyed our trip. The guys were able to get their pictures made in the cars. I didn’t really feel like it. It was a rough day for me. I was surprised I was able to even make it through the museum, BUT I did…and I enjoyed the moments with my family. To start…I really like the fact that the parking area is literally across the street. If you don’t know Gatlinburg, it’s a walking town. You have two sides of town full of shops and stuff and you walk the distance. The downfall of the parking garage is it’s expensive if you aren’t staying all day. That isn’t a reflection of the car museum though. I’ll say I wasn’t very happy with the one front worker guy. He was a little rude to my son. He walked up to a car and was like Dad look….and was excited. The guy was like Don’t touch that. It was his tone that bothered me. We didn’t let it stop us; we went inside anyway. It’s two floors of cars. Some are the original, some are not. at the end we realized to the side they had this small little area you could buy a few things. They had cars and tshirts, water bottles, and you could get your picture made inside a car. Coop had his done in the car from Smokey and the Bandit. Hubby had his in the Beach Boys car. The guy was a little short, as he was the same one from the beginning when we arrived. When we were leaving there was an older man at the area that you pay to enter. He was awesome. My husband and kid sat there and chatted with him for a good 10-15 minutes. We really loved it. I’m really going to sound like a crazy person here, but I’ve got to say it. Out of every place we went while there, they had the most clean bathroom I’ve ever seen. It was SPOTLESS. That really bumped my mood. I hate going to a bathroom and have to worry you’ll walk out with toilet paper or paper towel on your shoe, because no one cleaned it in forever. LOL! Go on to Gatlinburg, TN and enjoy some cars!

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Review: Ramsey Hotel Pigeon Forge, TN


I forgot to get a picture of the outside of the hotel, but we live close enough, I can get one anytime, but I figure that everyone would be more interested in the food from the Ramsey Hotel. It’s a beautiful place, but they are still under construction. At least they were when we were there August 6th. They used to be Holiday Inn. We were told they changed the mattresses just a week before we came. I’ll say the beds were sooooo comfortable. I was pretty sick still during this time, but I slept pretty good, considering. They just had all the carpets changed about two weeks ago, so we didn’t get to see those. We were told by one of the employees we were sitting and chatting with that they’ll be redoing the rooms next too. The rooms weren’t ugly, just dated, so I know when they finish that upgrade then it’ll be amazing!

One of the best things about this place is, it’s not bad priced. It is a bit more pricey than some of the other places though, but you can get good deals too…but anyway the bestest part about the place is they do offer a buffet breakfast. This is what I got. I know it looks like a small plate, but understand, at this time I couldn’t hardly eat anything. The eggs are pretty good. They have hash browns, biscuits, gravy, cereal, and more. You’d love this. They have a bar and a restaurant here. Movie night in the pool area. The pool is open 24/7. The bad thing is no outdoor pool. But it’s not a deal breaker for us. If you’re ever in Pigeon Forge TN try this place out! I give it 5 stars. I really didn’t have anything bad to say about it.