Hey Guys!

I’m really sorry for the delay in posting. I suppose I should just at least get on and post updates when I know I can’t share something food related. I haven’t forgotten about you. It’s that incredibly busy time of year with End of Grades for my son. He stresses every year, because math just gets him. He makes fantastic grades all A’s or A’s and B’s but he fails the EOG every time. Ugh….

Also, I can’t remember if I’ve told ya’ll before, but we’ve been looking for a new home, because the stairs in our current home are a danger for hubby to get up and down, since he has a history of falls, and his hands aren’t in a place still to catch himself with a fall. Anyway we’ve found a place and made an offer. It was accepted. Now we continue to get the process going, so we can get gone. We’ve been working on this house and hopefully it’ll be going on the market this week. I can’t wait. I’m ready to get back on track and get to posting. I’ve got some low carb type recipes I’ve done which you can’t even tell are low carb. I have a bunch of others waiting to be posted.


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