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Christmas Punch


Christmas Eve was so fun. We had my mom and dad, siblings, and their families over. I decided to try this punch recipe. It originally calls for Lime sherbet. Did yall know that if you don’t purchase this in advance it sells out like crazy during the holidays?? I did not. Next time, I’ll know. I ended up getting rainbow sherbet. It still tasted great. My mom and I liked it the most.

I was really impressed by how hubby participated. I didn’t expect him to do much though. He wanted to show his son that he could do anything though. I admire that about him. Like I revolve myself around them, he revolves his world around us. I just love him so much. He’s an amazing man. I’m so proud of everything he does and what he fights through.

I halved this recipe.

2- 2 liters ginger ale

46 oz pineapple juice

2 pints of sherbet


maraschino cherries

lime slices

lemon slices

Mix all together. Serve.




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