Rerun: Alfredo and Ham Tortellini


I recently bought tortellini from Schwan’s. I stuck it in the freezer. Later I bought some deli ham, because we were having a major snow storm and we had no idea if we’d have any electricity. We ended up not even needing the ham, so I made omelets and this pasta with it instead. I made this pasta a while back with a different kind of ham. When I used this deli ham, I couldn’t tell much difference in the taste. I also thought man if I threw some peas in this, or carrots…maybe both, it’d taste pretty good too. Next time I’m going to give it a try.

I wanted to give a little update….In Jan, we have another follow up appointment. We’ve noticed the open wound on his wrist is really healing up, but it’s still an open wound. We’re trying to be super careful, but we’re hoping we wont need to have a surgery again. If it is, it’ll be a tiny skin graft. We’d probably get to come home the same day, it’s that minor. I’d say the area to cover is maybe 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch…maybe even smaller than that now. He’s moved into new splints on his hands. This contraption is complicated to get off and on and if I don’t get it just right it really hurts his skin. It makes me feel upset when I do hurt him. I hate it. I also learned over Christmas just how delicate his skin really is. He was accidently hit with a fingernail during a Christmas Eve party and it cut him and we ended up needing wound care. I’m really trying to make things good though!


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