This beauty to the right was a gift from my amazing husband. He is always amazing. He tries so hard to ensure that we are given an amazing holiday. I’ve wanted one of these pans forever! It’s really, really heavy, but after cooking in it tonight, I’ve decided that it’s one of my favorite pieces of cookware. I’ll be posting the recipe later for what I made tonight. I’m sure that ya’ll will enjoy it.

I’d love to know, what did you guys get for Christmas? What are your favorite traditions?


4 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

      1. We live in a small home and we have slowly eliminated a ton of stuff that we acquired while living and working out of town. We didn’t want to clutter it up again. We each had our wants. Mine were more for better blog photos, and because I’m tired of cooking in foil pans. We’re older and the kids are all grown and on their own, so we didn’t have to do the surprise thing. And yes, it took a long time to decide. 😀

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  1. I told my kids not to spend their hard earned money on me this year. My daughter made me a scrapbook of our trip to Scotland and Ireland which was awesome. Happy New Year to you and your family Heather. Praying that 2019 will be awesome for you.


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