RERUN: Pancakes!


I love these pancakes. I made them again today. I made enough to freeze, so that Coop can have them for breakfast for a while. I just wanted to throw these out there again. I love that I have recipes that freeze well. It helps with times like now. You know what I  mean…

Things are going pretty good, guys. Michael is working hard to get well. He was able to do some things like wash his hair all by himself. It’s been months and months since he has had the ability to do that. We have concerns, because his scar tissue in his hands is pulling down one of his fingers significantly and is also preventing his thumb from being able to pull out far enough to grab things…such as a cup. Even with all of that happening, he’s still doing good. He’s able to grab stuff, he’s able to eat alone and such. He is still struggling with fine motor skills. He tried to wrap a present the other night and he couldn’t hold the tape. He can hold a fork, but it’s hard for him, unless I have a handle on it for him to make it thicker. It’s the small things that get to him though. I just keep reminding him to give it time. He can over come. He’s proving it daily.


6 thoughts on “RERUN: Pancakes!”

  1. I know how your hubby is feeling Heather. Just remind him that he is lucky because he has the ability to improve. You can get things that will make it easier for now. There are foam covers that you can put over any utensil. They have ones for pens or pencils. For things like doing up a zipper or doing a button, they have tools for that too. Is he doing any physio or working with an OT? That is so important for him to do any exercises they give him at home. He will get there. If you’re not working with a PT or OT you can find exercises on the Internet. Let me know if you need help with anything. xo


    1. This is true. He uses a cover on his fork currently. He isn’t able to eat without it. We bought some pens for him that has a large area that you hold it. So far zip lock bags are a big challenge and so are zippers. he does work with OT. It’s been helpful. Thank you for being so wonderful!

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      1. I hope that you had a great Christmas! As for zippers, I remember when I was having trouble with them. You know, it’s such a simple thing to do and in your mind, you know that. That is the real problem. The fight with your mind. You know how to do it, you know that it should be easy and then you try only to fail! Grrrrrr! You know, they have pulls for zippers. It’s like an extension that you hook into the zipper so it is easier to pull up. And they have something for buttons too. I could email you pictures of them if you want. You could try to make something similar to the pictures. Anyway, let me know and have a great new years eve! xo


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