Rerun: Turkey


Ya’ll…I got a new turkey pan. I was so excited. It’s a cheap one, but it’s nice. It’s a T-fal pan. I bought it at Wal-mart while in a pinch. It was like 12 bucks. I have another roaster that I bought too, but I don’t have myself a rack for it yet. I can’t find on except or on Amazon. I’ll get me one of those soon. They don’t cost too much.

This turkey is a rerun turkey. Honestly, I make it pretty much every year. It’s a recipe by Alton Brown. I just love it. We’ve tried other turkey recipes and none of them are as good as this one. Everyone who eats it thinks it’s amazing. I made this for Thanksgiving. I know it’s super late getting this out here to you guys, but I’ve been really busy lately. For Christmas, we bought a smoked turkey and it just wasn’t the same. It was drier and tasty, but everyone was grumpy because they wanted this turkey instead. Have you tried it?

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Review: Wild Garden


I found this in our ethnic aisle at the grocery store. I used it on chicken. It wasn’t until after I used it all that I realized, I could have used it on veggies too. I really liked the marinade, but I didn’t use it as long as the package says and it was still stronger. I even rubbed the chicken on the side of the bowl to get a little off of the chicken. Honestly, it was super good. We liked it. I’ll buy it again. In fact, my guys liked it soooo much that they ended up eating all of it.

Have you tried this marinade? What was your thoughts?




This beauty to the right was a gift from my amazing husband. He is always amazing. He tries so hard to ensure that we are given an amazing holiday. I’ve wanted one of these pans forever! It’s really, really heavy, but after cooking in it tonight, I’ve decided that it’s one of my favorite pieces of cookware. I’ll be posting the recipe later for what I made tonight. I’m sure that ya’ll will enjoy it.

I’d love to know, what did you guys get for Christmas? What are your favorite traditions?


Homemade ornaments

I wanted us to remember my husbands step father, so I made this ornament for my mother in law for Christmas last year. I’d love to hear about your holiday traditions! Share away!

Our tradition is every year we purchase ornaments of places we’ve went, things we have done, or some kind of reminder of our year. We also have a traditional Biblical meal every year.

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Sweet potato tip


Ya’ll….I learned something new! You can take a WHOLE sweet potato….throw it in a pot and boil it and forget it for a few hours. When you run cold water over it and rub it a little…the SKIN COMES RIGHT off. It’s my new favorite way to do them right now. WHO knew this was an option??

Right now, I’m always looking to use cheats to get my business done. I know, I know…

Anyway, I don’t have time to plan these elaborate meals right now and I certainly can’t do my usual once a month shopping. I’ve started weekly shopping, which I hate…It just takes so much out of me to be able to get it in and put it away. I am hoping that I can get into a routine soon. Let’s hope anyway.

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Christmas: Bethlehem Dinner

For the last few years we have practiced a modern day version of a Bethlehem dinner. Can you imagine how it must have been during the time of Jesus’ birth? What better way to teach our children the meaning of Christmas, but through a hands on activity? We learned about what foods they ate during that time. Afterwards we read stories and did a special Christmas bible study.

When I first started this our kiddo was just little. I ran across someone who did a post about their own. I’ve seen churches that do them too. It’s a carnival type event, but different than games and such. It’s such a fun event. I wish our church did such elaborate events.

What are your traditions? Merry Christmas ya’ll!

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Sugar cookies with Royal Icing



It was so difficult to get into the holiday spirit. I feel like I don’t have much time to do things I’d like to do. I probably do, but I do have extra responsibilities. Sometimes you just want to sit and do nothing too. That happens very little. I enjoy it when I get to do it though. I’m trying to get our house ready to sell. We want to move somewhere that will be easier for hubby to navigate. Right now it’s just hard for him in our 1.5 story house.

Coop and I make cookies every year. This year, our adventure was sugar cookies. This icing is the bomb. You have to let the icing dry, but it’s really the best ever.

Royal icing:

3 cups powdered sugar

1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

2 egg whites

sift together sugar and cream of tartar in a bowl. Add egg whites and beat with an electric mixer until thick enough to hold its shape. this takes about 5 minutes. Add food coloring, preferable gel coloring, to get different colors. Remember that it dries super fast!