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Vamped Frozen Green Beans


We love green beans. There’s only so many ways you can cook them though. My biggest issue is, I get tired of the same ol’ thing. That’s something that I’ve struggled with in eating the way the nutritionist has told me to. I feel like I’ve ate so much broccoli, I might be a broccoli stalk. Ugh….

I need more veggie recipes. I’ve been searching through the blogs I follow at the veggies they post…but I am just so veggie picky. I literally eat like a toddler when it comes to veggies. I HATE salads…but I am going to try a strawberry spinach salad soon! Ugh…What’s your favorite veggies?

2 cups chicken broth

bag of green beans

2 pieces of bacon

salt and pepper to taste

Mix all together and cook until tender.


1 thought on “Vamped Frozen Green Beans”

  1. I love vegetables but I understand that I am not the norm here! lol I have a trick though. I really hate over cooked vegetables. I usually steam my vegetables, even potatoes and just slightly under cook them. I like to have a slight bite to them, except the potatoes of course. Maybe that will help? Oh and for salads, I like to add seeds, nuts and dried fruit to them and I always made my own dressing. Oh and cheese! Love a little cheese in there! I hope this helps Heather! xo


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