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Review: Ramsey Hotel Pigeon Forge, TN


I forgot to get a picture of the outside of the hotel, but we live close enough, I can get one anytime, but I figure that everyone would be more interested in the food from the Ramsey Hotel. It’s a beautiful place, but they are still under construction. At least they were when we were there August 6th. They used to be Holiday Inn. We were told they changed the mattresses just a week before we came. I’ll say the beds were sooooo comfortable. I was pretty sick still during this time, but I slept pretty good, considering. They just had all the carpets changed about two weeks ago, so we didn’t get to see those. We were told by one of the employees we were sitting and chatting with that they’ll be redoing the rooms next too. The rooms weren’t ugly, just dated, so I know when they finish that upgrade then it’ll be amazing!

One of the best things about this place is, it’s not bad priced. It is a bit more pricey than some of the other places though, but you can get good deals too…but anyway the bestest part about the place is they do offer a buffet breakfast. This is what I got. I know it looks like a small plate, but understand, at this time I couldn’t hardly eat anything. The eggs are pretty good. They have hash browns, biscuits, gravy, cereal, and more. You’d love this. They have a bar and a restaurant here. Movie night in the pool area. The pool is open 24/7. The bad thing is no outdoor pool. But it’s not a deal breaker for us. If you’re ever in Pigeon Forge TN try this place out! I give it 5 stars. I really didn’t have anything bad to say about it.


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