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Banana Split Oatmeal


I’ve finally been feeling like half a person. I’ve not cooked in weeks. My husband has done all the cooking (or takeout sigh…). I ended up having surgery on Friday, so it’s been hit or miss on how I feel. Luckily, I see things getting better with me and I’m hoping my post-op appointment Monday will leave me with the doctor saying the same thing. It’s been a nightmare ya’ll! I’ve learned a lot from this experience. I’ve left with a new sense of self. I’ve made a lot of changes in my life in the last three months that this has been going on.

Ok enough sickness talk! As you know my main man started school again this week. I’m one of those moms that likes to make a good healthy, fun, exciting breakfast every day. I want him to go to school with his tummy full so that he can learn as much as he can. I was searching healthy breakfast ideas when I came to Good Housekeeping’s 65 easy healthy breakfast ideas. Of course I had to take a look. I see this banana split breakfast recipe and thought, my kiddo would love this!! He did! I had to tweak the recipe, because it really didn’t work. It made the oatmeal about half done and just gross.

Feeds 3~

1 3/4 cup milk OR water

2 cups oatmeal

a healthy pinch of salt

2 bananas

3 tablespoons chocolate chips

3 cherries

Heat the milk in a sauce pan to boiling. Add salt. Add oatmeal. Stir, cover. Keep stirring until oatmeal is tender. Once done place in bowl. Cut banana into bite sized pieces and layer in the side of the bowl. Add chocolate chips to the corner. Top with one cherry. ENJOY YA’LL!!


3 thoughts on “Banana Split Oatmeal”

    1. I’ll say Coop really hates oatmeal and tonight when we were making dinner together, he actually asked me to make it again!! I was pretty happy about that!

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