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Back to School Lunch Pt. 2


I love to make things that Cooper can take to school for lunch. It’s been really hard because he really hates to eat at school, but he gets bored of sandwiches. I HATE lunchables. I once bought one from the store and it was moldy. Ever since then, I wont buy them. It grossed me out. Plus I figure homemade one’s taste better and cut down the amount of processed foods. I do highly suggest you to get the silicone muffin liners so that the juices of the ham don’t get on your crackers and cheese and make them soggy and gooey. I don’t feel like it’s enough so I also throw in a fruit and some mini homemade jam muffins. Sometimes I’ll throw in an additional pudding, or a yogurt. He doesn’t love the carrot sticks, but he eats them anyway. I’m pretty lucky in that aspect. I’m interested in your back to school successful lunches!


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