Opening up, real life….and time….

I don’t have fancy pictures to show for this post. No yummy food recipes, or reviews, or so forth. I wanted to let you know what I do sometimes.

If I have tons and tons of recipes I do more this week than the next, I’ll post date them, so I have a bumper. It gives me a chance to breath and makes my blog not stressful. I’ve ran out of extras. I may have a little time where it’s a lot of empty days and I apologize. I’ve not cooked anything in two weeks and it’ll be another week before I can cook.

The reason why, is I almost died.


I was put on a medication to help me. For three months I called my Dr telling her how bad it was getting. I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t go anywhere. Its been bad. Well…every month I was hemorrhaging.  The month of July it was the worst ever. For two weeks, I couldn’t move. I lost all of my color, you could see through parts of my skin, my heart and lungs weren’t doing so hot. Finally I went to my primary care dr and asked for help. When he tested my hemoglobin it was at a 10 which is low, but not hospital low. I was given iron. I started taking it as directed. I started to perk up, but then 3 days later, I crashed. I couldn’t barely walk, my head hurt so bad I couldn’t see clearly, every breath I took was hard and painful, walking was almost impossible alone, and my mouth was so dry but I couldn’t eat or drink. I hadn’t ate in a week at this point. I couldn’t. I got to the hospital and my heart rate resting was in the 130’s, my hemoglobin was 4.5, my blood pressure- I can remember looking over at one time at the monitor and it was 80 something over 56.

I thought I’d never come home. I was in so much pain, but all I could see is snap shots of my family playing in my head. I didn’t want to die. I looked at my husband and begged him not to let me die. I’ve never seen him so scared. The nurses and every Dr that I seen said how lucky I was. Honestly, I didn’t feel so lucky regardless.

However, I am home now. I’m feeling better, but medicated for the next few months. I’ll be reevaluated at that point to see what needs to be changed, if anything. Every day I’m working to get better. It’s a process for sure. My body is just readjusting. I can’t wait to be 100% again!


10 thoughts on “Opening up, real life….and time….”

    1. Hi Melissa! I’m feeling much better. I still have some issues, but it’s getting better. We can’t wait to see Miss B!


    1. I’ve been sent to a specialist who did surgery last Friday. He’s done tons of lab work and we’re still waiting for some of it to return. They are pretty sure though it had to do with a medication I was taking. It just wasn’t for me, I guess.

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