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Tub Cleaning


I’m cruising around Facebook and I come across a post about a shower cleaner that’s supposed to be the bomb! I shared it and thought oooh I gotta try this. Today I was at Walmart and had to get dish washer soap, and remembered the post. I seen the brush and it really wasn’t very much money. I decided to get it.

Here’s what you do. First add your dish soap. Preferably Dawn soap. You really want to add this first because if you don’t, then the vinegar pours out. Lesson learned! Then you add equal amounts of vinegar. Shake it up really good and scrub that tub. You’ll have to rinse it, but afterwards it’s really shiny and sparkly. It’s going to be my new go to!

Scrub brush


Dawn dish soap

Open scrub brush and put equal parts of dish soap and vinegar. Shake and use.


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