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Review: Sam’s Choice Italia


I had high hopes for this, because I LOVED the risotto that I made from the same brand. However, this isn’t the case. It tastes just like pasta roni.  I probably wont buy it again, my homemade alfredo is better. This seems to still have a powdery texture. It also doesn’t even have any kind of cheese taste that you get from the parmesan in regular alfredo sauce. In a pinch though, this is a more economical brand to buy. It would be the reason I purchased it. Sometimes you just need something and you’re running out of time. I really like to not let all the liquid out, because it becomes really dry if, really quick. It also helps to add a little parmesan into it. It is decently creamy if you do these steps. Like I said, if I’m in a pinch, I’ll make it again. Otherwise, it just wasn’t my favorite….I was a little disappointed.


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