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Chicken Cordon Blue Quesadillas


I’ve never been a huge fan of chicken cordon blue.  I had seen the idea scrolling through pinterest. I decided, why not just make my own? So that’s exactly what I did.

Sometimes you have friends that come in and out of your life. It doesn’t mean they’ve left you or abandoned you. I have a friend whom I deeply care for. She has the sweetest kids ever. I’ve known them since they were teeny tiny. The oldest one is going to graduate high school soon. The mom and I have been in a weird holding pattern. I know that we’ve been distant from each other lately, but I hope she knows how much I care for her and her family. Recently, we interacted quiet a bit and she felt bad because she’s been so out of the loop. It actually made me sad that she felt this way. Maybe she will realize I hold no bad feelings and that I just love her the same way.

4 pieces Chicken

favorite seasoning

flour tortillas

provolone cheese

ham slices

First season your chicken with your favorite seasoning. Bake until cooked through. Let rest 10 minutes. Slice the chicken thinly. Place a tortilla into a frying pan and top with cheese, ham, and chicken. Another piece of cheese and another tortilla. Cook until cooked through flipping once cheese is melted. Enjoy!


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