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Review: Nestle Aero


I found this chocolate bar in the ethnic aisle from the grocery store. Coop loves, loves, loves this chocolate bar, but the rest of the family didn’t like the bubble feeling. The taste of the chocolate is fantastic though. It’s smooth and sweet. It melts quickly in your mouth. When we visited Hershey, PA we did a taste testing. They said when you eat chocolate you break it and you listen for the snap. You don’t hear that here. That’s ok though. Then you take a small piece and place it on your tongue. Don’t chew it. Let it dissolve. What do you taste? Coop said you taste the best chocolate ever. Anyway, this chocolate is definitely good, but the bubbles of this English/Canadian bar can throw you off. Try it! You may like it ya’ll!


3 thoughts on “Review: Nestle Aero”

  1. HAHhA… Ethnic section eh? That’s sooooo funny! I love those bubbles girl! You don’t chew it. It melts on your tongue! Mmmmm-mmmm, that is some great chocolate! Do you have any other kinds of Aero chocolate bars there? I think that they have mint and dark chocolate orange.


    1. Lol yes! I think everything that’s in that section is from other countries or whatever. I’m not sure how they determine what goes where. We only have those. I agree they do melt on your tongue. It melts like Lindor does. That’s my favorite part. We also have some other things I plan to try. I love to try things in this section!!

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