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Laundry Soap (REDO with recipe!)


Household goods are recipes too! I posted about my laundry soap making skills a few weeks ago. I had several people email me and message me on Facebook. You guys can like my page. Feel free to share it too!!

Here is my recipe. I love this recipe and it is the one I have used forever. It seriously only needs 1 tablespoon per load.

3 Fels Naptha Bars, shredded

4 cups Washing Soda (NOT BAKING SODA)

4 cups Borax

16 cups water

Add water and bring to a simmer. Add the fels naptha bars and stir until melted. Once melted add washing soda and borax. Stir until combined and not gritty. Fill quart size jars about 2 inches from the top and put a lid on them. You can turn them upside down, lay them on their sides, or leave them upright. However you may have to take a utensil and break up the soap once it has separated. Preferably after 4 hours.  Then you add to a blender and blend. If you have a blender bottom that will fit on your  jar, that’s the easiest way. I sometimes need to add more liquid to make it creamy. As it sits it becomes more firm, but that’s ok. DO NOT ADD to the soap compartment of your GE. Instead add directly to the inside of your washer. Store in a cool dry spot. I store mine under the staircase in the closet. Don’t add extra stuff to the soap unless it’s essential oil.



2 thoughts on “Laundry Soap (REDO with recipe!)”

    1. They are different chemical make up. Washing soda is just water and carbon dioxide I believe….and Baking soda has sodium, hydrogen and some other stuff that I can’t remember. Also you can eat baking soda, but washing soda not so much. 🙂 Good question Lisa!

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