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Review: La Costena Pinto Beans


I use canned beans to make refried beans when I make any type of Mexican foods. It’s just a preference I have, because it makes it quick. I actually had been on the hunt for something new, because my old brand I had to usually rinse the liquid off, because it was a salty liquid. I have a friend who her husband owns a Mexican restaurant. One day when i sent my husband to the grocery store, she was there. He’s searching aimlessly through the aisles and there she was like his ray of light. (Yes I know this sounds corny). He asked her what he was to do, because he had no idea what I was wanting. She handed him this can and said, buy it. It’s the best. I normally would have never bought this. He came home and I thought darn…..this may just be awkward. It wasn’t. It was just fine. In fact it was better than fine. It’s the go to brand now. It has onions and green peppers in it. It’s perfect for any side. I have used it several times since this run in. I wouldn’t advise using it in my chili recipe but it’s perfect any other time. I urge you to give it a chance. I’ve sat here and typed this trying to think of a negative and I simply can’t! It’s that good!

I started these reviews, mostly because I’ve realized that people are becoming very brand specific, or very whatever saves me money specific. It’s always fun to learn about a product that maybe you didn’t know about or was maybe afraid to try before. I hope that you get something good from these reviews.


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