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What do you do? Laundry Edition


I’ve had a bad day. It’s one of those days where I need to occupy my mind, because if I don’t, then I might scream and cry. See the problem is C is really struggling in school. It’s not learning that is the issue. He seems to struggle with his teacher. She’s a great woman. I like her in general, as a person. I just think C has some special needs. I’m not talking disabilities…I’m talking about behavioral needs. Even when C was a baby he always needed constant reassurance. He was always outgoing, never shy, but he seems unsure of himself. I’ve had him tested by a psychologist for Autism and ADHD. They’ve said he doesn’t have it. Now they are reevaluating him at 11. I think if he had ADHD he’d have been diagnosed WAY before now. No matter what though, I’m just wanting him to just be happy….healthy…and educated. I’m just really struggling today. What do I do when I struggle? I make stuff! Today I made laundry soap. I started making it years and years ago. It’s the best.


What do you do when you need to free your mind?


3 thoughts on “What do you do? Laundry Edition”

  1. Sorry it’s a tough time sweetie! Can you share your laundry soap recipe? When I need to occupy my mind I crochet and put a favorite movie or show on! I hope things get better! Hugz Lisa


    1. Oh sure! I’ll put it on my list to share! I love the laundry soap. My son is super sensitive and this has proven to work well for him. I LOVE to crochet!!

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