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BBQ Chicken Nachos


Ignore the messy plate. Whenever I make this dish, my kid goes crazy for it! He can never wait until it’s on the plate. My husband took me out about five or six years ago. It was our anniversary. We went to this restaurant named Copper River. It was a good experience. We had an amazing waitress. She recommended us to try these bbq chicken nachos that they sell. We decided to give them a try. They were SO good. We ended up going back again for more the next month. For a two years we did this on our anniversary. During those times there weren’t many times when we could go out together. We had no babysitters. While it was hard, it was good for us too. Sounds crazy, I know…but we learned about what we could handle together.



Gordo’s Cheese Dip

BBQ Chicken

optional: sautéed onions

Just build nachos as you desire. Quick, fast, and easy! Enjoy bc these things are highly addictive!


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