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Review: Street Kitchen Kit


I’ve tried several of these kits. I really like them. Having these saves me some steps. However, there are downfalls. First I hate the pickling stuff for the onions. i never use it. it trash it. I like the taste of the marinade and sauce mix. The only thing is I don’t marinade it as long as the directions say. Usually I marinade half the time. I also don’t use all the sauce mix. It’s a little too much flavor for our plain Jane family. We also add water because it dulls the flavor a little bit. We need it! Now on the plus side this is such a time saver. I don’t have to find seasonings, or other ingredients to be able to get it done. It tastes so good on tortillas. I think it does serve more than 4 people though, there’s so much sauce!!

Have you tried it? How’d you like it?


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