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Do your eggs look like you’re Edward Scissor Hands got ahold of it?


Today I am thinking about the I Love Lucy episode of Vitia Vita Vegemin. I can’t spell that, but you know what I mean. Lucy get’s drunk and she’s veeeeerry happy. There were days I’d stand in the kitchen peeling eggs and I’d say “Do your eggs look like Edwards Scissor hands chopped them to pieces? Do bits of shells get stuck on them and you just can’t seem to find a way to get them off? If so, then try this cool way of peeling eggs tip.”. If you have to have these eggs in the next ten minutes, get a bowl of ice and water and put a colander in it. Take the eggs out of the boiling water and put them in the cold water. Let sit for a few minutes.  Once they are cold, then you should peel them. Do not try to peel eggs that are even remotely warm, otherwise you get Edward Scissor Hand eggs. If you have the time, just let them sit out a few hours…but honestly I prefer to still shock them. It really seems to help.


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