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Kona Honey Chicken


We always loved foods that have that Chinese and Hawaiian vibe. It’s just that we like simple things. There’s nothing like throwing something in a crockpot. For that matter nothing like a good, quick, and hearty meal that takes 30 minutes to cook. Those type of meals make me happy.

Last night my intentions were to make something with beef, but I woke up and I thought, you know…I am going to make the chicken I have out instead. I don’t know why, but it just sounded like what needed to be made. Unfortunately though, I don’t have any plain rice, so yellow rice it is. I guess I could make a potato hash or something…I’ll decide later. I have a little time.  At least I’m not making something crazy with it. I’m sure it’ll be good either way.

I really woke up in one of those moods where I have a lot to do, but I don’t want to do it. In fact, my house could use a good cleaning, but I’m just not in the mood to do it. I really want to get every room perfectly clean to where I can do a quick pick up during the week and on weekends do a good clean. It annoys me that I can’t seem to get to that point. What’s so bad is my house is clean, but I have some clutter that annoys me and it seems to never be clean all at the same time. Am I the only person with this issue??


3 or 4 pieces of chicken breasts (use any kind you’d like)

1 tablespoon dried chives

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup apple juice

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup honey

Mix everything together. Place in crockpot on low for 8 hours. Serve.


14 thoughts on “Kona Honey Chicken”

  1. No, you are not alone. My partner has the same problem. It is called “Me!” I have ruined at least 4 good housekeepers in my life. I don’t do it on purpose, but I put something somewhere meaning to put it away later, then I literally lose sight of it. I was never taught to see anything as clutter, and once I put it down absent-mindedly, it just becomes part of our life. It is not something I am proud of, and every woman I have ever lived with is warned of this problem ahead of time. They were all sure they could change me, but it’s just not in me. In the end they all learned to live with the house being messy. Except my present partner who I have been with almost 20 years. She still tries, but I have so many medical conditions now they exhaust me, and I exhaust her. If it wasn’t for the fact she loves food we would probably only eat once or twice a week, if left up to me.
    So thank you for this recipe, it sounds good, though a little honey-heavy for my diabetes. If we like it we can learn to adjust it.
    Oh, by the way, we have a cleaning service come in biweekly. The messes don’t get picked up, but at least the house is clean as can be with 5 cats including 2 longhairs…


    1. You can reduce the honey. I HAVE done this before because I was out, but the problem is it isn’t going to give you that sweetness…but honestly it doesn’t phase me at all. I still like it! I really would love to hear how you like this!
      I would LOVE a cleaning service. I even know several who do cleaning services….but all I can think about is the fact they’ll be touching my stuff haha…did you have that thought?


  2. We are still looking for dried chives. We live in a little town way up at the top of Alberta, not everything comes up our way. Once we try it we will definitely let you know.
    No, we never thought like that. When we interview for a cleaner, we decide if we are both comfortable with them. It takes both us us to agree to hire someone. Things don’t always work out but usually everything works out just fine. The one thing we will never do again is hire a service to do spring cleaning. We hired a Molly Maid service, and about 10 women showed up and breezed through the house in two hours. That we did not like. Never again! Better one person at a time. Easier to get to know each other, lol.


    1. I know you already made this, but I wanted to touch base on it. If you couldn’t find dried chives, you could substitute and I think it’d be fine. You could use green onion. When I’ve had neither of those in my kitchen, I’ve even used a tiny amount of regular onion and it didn’t change the flavor too much. I’ve even heard people using shallots and even leeks.


      1. Thanks. We found some dried chives, and Gail likes to try a recipe the recipe way first, then play with it. Because we both love garlic, we are discussing adding stapes. Time will tell…


  3. Hi Heather,
    We Finally gathered all the ingredients for Kona Honey Chicken today, using chicken thighs, and slow-cooked your recipe for the suggested 8 hours. The meat came out tender and tasty, but not even half the size it went in, lol. Gail thought it had a very Polynesian taste, and loved it very much. Thank you. She was never a smoker.
    Although it was years ago now, I was a very heavy smoker. All I could taste was the soya sauce, which was good, but I’m not sure the other flavours came through. We will be having the leftovers for supper tonight, and I will see how the flavour is on the second day. Often I find things much better after they sit for 24 hours.
    We have also decided we are going to try it with a pork loin roast next time. We both think they will go well together.
    If we were to use a regular oven instead of a slow cooker, what might you suggest for a cooking time? Would that make much change in the result, do you think?
    Thank you again for a lovely meal.


    1. If you try the pork, YOU MUST update me! You know….I know what you mean with the flavors melding together. I wondered when I made it if I were to let the sauce sit 24 hours if it’d be even better. We also use low sodium soy, so I didn’t really have a strong soy flavor. I’m not sure if that had to do with it being low sodium or what have ya. I cooked this recipe in the oven before. First, you want to reduce some of the liquid. I pretty much basted mine. I didn’t get it fork fall apart tender though. I just baked it like I would normal chicken. I think if you wanted to go to that point, you’d need to cover it with foil, or use a dutch oven. It’d also depend on the size of your chicken. I’m really bad about buying thin sliced, or slicing chicken in half, because one piece at the store of regular chicken breasts, is actually two servings, so I try to make things go further and last longer by doing that. I’d be super careful though and keep a close eye on it, because it’s chicken breasts, it’ll dry out fast. I thought it tasted very similar to the crock pot, but it has a different texture. I can’t say which I prefer best though. I really do like the basted sauce on the meat….and I do rarely use my crockpot. I’m not sure why…If you try the pork, or if you bake it in the oven, let me know for sure!


  4. Hi Heather,
    I lost your website when my tablet crashed, so thank you for sending that like. The Kona pork loin was fabulous, though we overcooked it in the slow cooker. Next time we try we will be cooking it less. My S.O. thanks you very much for that recipe.


    1. That’s so funny. It was a total accident that I did that too! I like to use the crockpot. Sometimes I find it needs more liquid and that’s why it overcooks. I don’t know why that happens. I like using the oven too. I’m really glad SO likes it. It’s a good recipe!


      1. I would probably add more sauce…..the reason why, is water would dilute the taste significantly. I tried this recipe the other night in my dutch oven and it worked well. I flipped the meat halfway through cooking. The boys liked it. It was very tender, because it was covered. Honestly I liked it better than I did with my crockpot!!


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