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Fried Pork Chops


My thermometer konked out. Instead of starting at 0, it now starts at 80. I had to throw it out. I adore my thermometer. It’s used pretty much all the time in this house. Now this means I have to go find another one. That’s alright, it happens; right? I don’t make these pork chops a lot for multiple reasons. First they’re fried. I tend not to eat a ton of fried foods. At least that’s what the goal is. The other reasons aren’t so important though.

My mother used to make these when I was a kid. Usually we use the bone in when they’re made at my house, but mom always used boneless. She was always particular about her meat cuts. She never wants to deal with bones, skin, fat. It grosses her out so much.  It makes me giggle a little bit. To be honest, I’ve tried to cook chicken on the bone and whole chickens, but I’m always fearful that they are raw. It just never turns out good. I never had that issue though with bone in pork. I don’t know why one is so much easier than the other to cook.


1/2 cup all purpose flour

salt and pepper to taste

(Yes, it’s that simple!) mix together and bread the pork. Put oil and butter in a frying pan. Place pork in pan and fry until browned on both sides. I always use my thermometer to double check the temperature of the pork. Yum.



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