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Review Red Fork


As you can tell that I like to post reviews. I don’t have a bunch of them, but I really try to post about the new things I try. I don’t always have time to do the whole fresh home cooked meal bits. In those moments, I turn to the healthiest processed stuff I can get. I was really impressed by Red Fork’s roasted potato seasoning. It’s not a powder. It’s a liquid. You simply cut your potatoes, toss in the seasoning, throw on the pan and bake. Here’s the downfall….I really had to do more thin slices of potatoes. I don’t mean like scalloped potato thin, but just smaller wedges. If you have thick wedges then you’re going to end up with partially raw potatoes.  It is a little more than what I would regularly like to pay. I’d like to see the prices decrease at least by 50 cents to make this a more regular purchase for me. 50 cents is a big difference for purchases like this, at least it is for me. Any way, the thing is…it’s a great every once in a while purchase. I will purchase again. It’s very yummy. Cook well!


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