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Black eye peas


The first time I had black eye peas I was in a town just north of Valdosta, GA. My husband and I decided to visit my mother in law. It was the first time I had black eye peas. It was so good! I wanted to have it every single time we went down there. Finally, I just started paying attention and making it at home. It’s so simple. Who would have thought that it could be??

I make these pretty much any time of the year. I don’t really go into the whole new years tradition of eating collards and black eye peas. I did this year, just because they were on sale and the collards looked AMAZING. They were 2 for $5.00. I got so many collards from the two bunches of greens. I ended up freezing about 18 servings of them. Can you believe this!? That’s how many I had!! PLUS we had four people eating dinner that night and we had HUGE plates full of them. I’ve never frozen them before, so I am quiet anxious to see how that turns out. When I made these I ended up not having a ham bone. Instead I had smoked ham slices. I had these left over because of some soup I had made. This is the reason that I told you guys save those bones. Stick them in the freezer and use them up for these kind of things. If not you can use ham hocks, ham pieces, smoked ham slices, and sometimes I can find ham chunks at my grocery store.

Bag of dried beans


Ham bone, chunks, or  pieces

salt and pepper, to taste

Sort through the beans and ensure that you have no rocks, dirt, or other undesirable pieces. After sorting, place in a bowl and cover at least 2 inches over with water. Let soak from 6 hours to 24 hours. Be sure to check water to ensure it still has plenty. I usually put mine to soak in the morning and cook in the evening time. When ready to cook, pour beans into a strainer, not saving any water. Put in a cooker and cover with water, add ham. Cook on medium heat until beans are soft through. Enjoy!


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