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Pork Chops


A few years ago, my mother in law came to visit from South Georgia! She had a neighbor named Jo who came with her a few times. My mother in law was in the mood for pork chops so we decided to buy a bunch of pork chops. We had them in the fridge and got busy playing around, going here and there, and all that good stuff…then we realized Ohhhh we better eat! By this time it was pretty late and I don’t cook a ton of pork, so I was like uh….and Jo says I’ll do it. You rest. I went in with her anyway to help. Suddenly she’s raiding my cabinet, my fridge, my spices…and she came up with this delicious treat. It was really good.

She used:

Fajita sauce

lime juice






Literally doesn’t matter how much. Use to taste. Marinade for about 20-30 minutes and then grill.

It’s really great! Enjoy it guys!


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