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Tip of the day: Leftover Broth


The other day I was making a recipe that had chicken broth in it. It was only a half a cup, but I didn’t have anything but the containers of broth. There was still tons of it left. I’m bad to throw it in my fridge and just never use it again. Then months and months later I’ll pull it out and think hmm when did I use broth? I’m sure I waste TONS of money every single year by wasting. I really hate that waste. I finally figured out that I can just measure it out into my silicone muffin pans and freeze it. Then as I need it, then I can just take it out, throw it in a pan and just wait patiently until it melts down. It works for me. I have 100 times less waste, by doing it this way. I recommend you guys trying this out. It’ll work and you’ll be happy.


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