Breakfast Waffles…


My kid refuses to eat at school for breakfast or lunch. Something I have started to do is find different ways to feed him healthy meals. At first when I gave him the peanut butter on a waffle he looked at me like I was stupid and said no way mom….After a little coaxing he finally tried it. I felt like it was not going to end in my favor at first, but he tried a tiny bite…..then he tried another tiny bite, then he gobbled it down. In the end he learned it was good. He was happy. I was happy. We learned that we didn’t have to eat waffles with syrup. It was just as good without it. It’s now one of his favorite meals. Score 1 for mom!

1 waffle

peanut butter

chopped fruit of choice

I usually put the waffle in the toaster or in the microwave to heat. Spread the peanut butter desired over. Top with choice of fruit. Ta-da!


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