Cranberry Sauce



Sorry this photo is so blurry. I really thought it was just a regular picture until we ate it all and I had it uploaded to the computer. Then I was like seriously?? Grr!! When I was a kid my family would get together at every holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas was a must do in our homes. A side dish was always cranberry sauce. However…it wasn’t this kind. It was the one in the can. The jellied cranberries. EW GROSS! I never ate it. Cooper had eaten some at his grandmothers house, from my husbands side of the family , and he had loved it. For Thanksgiving and Christmas he begged me to make it and so I agreed. Some recipes call for either orange juice or just water…However, I mixed them. I like the tang, but having a whole cup is overwhelming to my taste buds, so I half it.

1 small bag of cranberries

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup of orange juice

1/2 cup of water

Put into a pan. Heat through. You’ll start hearing cranberries popping. That’s how you know it’s finished. Then you turn it off and it’ll thicken as it sets. Enjoy!


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