Have yourself a Merry little Christmas!


Tomorrow night is a special time of the year. We celebrate our Saviors birth. During my journey through blogging I’ve learned several things. First off, I’ve made some great friends. You guys are all so special. I’ve interacted with some of you and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Thank you guys for everything. I have so much to be thankful for. I’ve used blogging as a way to just communicate something I enjoy. I always wanted to be a chef AND a photographer growing up. I dabble in photography now, but in my blog I for now forgo all of that. I want you to see a different side. A real person, a real mom, a real wife…a real person. I just want to tell you all how loved you all are.

It’s a season for giving and love. The other day I went to the market and as I put my shopping bags in the car I noticed an older man waiting. He was probably about 85. He was on up there in age. He had on his little blinker and he waited patiently for me. I waved at him letting him know I was trying to hurry. As I closed up a lady walked by and said “Honey let me take your cart so we both have a win”. I smiled and told her thank you and walked towards my car. I yelled over to the man sorry, I’m leaving now. He waved back. I hop in and start to back out so he can pull in. This was a time span of about 5-6 minutes. As I start backing out this late 50’s- to mid 50’s woman in a black car comes speeding up on me. I’ll admit it startled me. I thought she was going to hit me. She stops so I start to back out again and she keeps pulling forward. She was probably 2 inches from my front bumper by the time I was completely out of the space. She then before I could get my car in drives whips herself into that parking spot. I couldn’t believe it. When did we become so heartless? Where is our holiday spirit? I wont lie. I went home and cried for an hour. It really broke my heart. I want to encourage us all to do good deeds. Show each other kindness, compassion, and love. Don’t fight over department store parking spots, don’t steal, lie, or cheat….just show some love. We’re all different, but we’re all God’s children.

Merry Christmas ya’ll! With all my love!


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