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Farm Fresh Ginger from Goodness Gardens


Ya’ll I get questions all the time about ginger. Not many people know how to use it or what to do with it. I like fresh ginger. I prefer it. It’s much better than using the alternative, ground ginger. A problem I hear from some newbie or less experienced cooks a lot is that when people buy the fresh root, it’s difficult for them to use and they aren’t sure if they are doing it right. It’s alright, that’s normal. I prefer to use the fresh root, but I’ll be honest and say 99% of the time, I do not. I use this product. I find it in the grocery store (even Wal-Mart) next to the carrots and celery. Some stores have it near the bagged salad items. This is very much the same as using the root. This particular brand is my favorite. I’ve used several different brands in the past and this one has been the most fresh tasting one. I’ve even used it a little bit past the expiration date and didn’t have an issue with it. It smells amazing when you open the lid. It’s easy to use which makes me even happier. There’s always a downfall to every good thing. The downfall with this product is, I really end up wasting a bunch. I really wish they made smaller amounts.


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