Texas BBQ Chicken Sandwich


I LOVE this recipe. However, I didn’t have any Texas Toast. Instead I used hamburger buns that I had left over from some cheeseburgers. My husband asks for this recipe from time to time. I think it’s pretty good myself. It has a lot of good flavor. Of course you can’t go wrong with bacon!

Lately, I’ve been pretty emotional. Probably because of hormone’s. A lot of people recently are learning I have autoimmune diseases. Not just one, but THREE of them. It deeply impacts my life. I have a hard time remembering to do things unless I write myself notes. It causes me to have anxiety, to lose myself, to lose my self esteem, I push people away, and I’m definitely hard on myself about all of these things. I am also very sensitive. Things really hurt my feelings, very easily. With that being said I’m also very hard headed, stubborn, you name it…it’s probably a description of me.

I figure life is what we make it to be. I can choose to be happy with the way things turn out, or I can resent it and be miserable. I’m learning now that I need to take up for myself more. I tend to just pull away from problems and not address them, because I’m just avoiding them. You can’t do this, because you’ll miss out on greatness. However, I still expect to be treated with respect and even care. I hope that things will get better. I feel like Cooper misses out on a lot of things with family because of unresolved issues. Ultimately, I love our family. While not all are reliable, most of them are.

I’ll tell you after all that emotional stuff, I’m going to go eat this sandwich. I need some good comfort food now.

4 pieces of chicken breasts, pounded to about 1/4 inch thickness

8 pieces of bacon, cooked, grease and dirty frying pan reserved

BBQ sauce

Salt and pepper

Bread for sandwich (texas toast is best!)

In the same pan you’ve fried your bacon in, put your chicken that you’ve seasoned with salt and pepper in. Brown both sides of the chicken. Once you are finished, put the chicken on a foil lined cookie sheet. Put bbq sauce on both sides of the chicken. Cook until the chicken is cooked through. Once finished, slice the chicken into strips. Place on  the bread and into another pan. Put cheese and bacon on the bread and put into oven until bubbling. Serve.

NOTE: Try adding sautéed onions. YUM.


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