Review: Sam’s Choice Fettuccine Alfredo

I’ve seen things like this several times throughout making my way through the aisles. This is in the frozen food section. They have all sorts of stuff! I decided to grab this skillet meal, just to give it a try. I will say it isn’t a lot of food, but for the price, it’s a good deal. For 4 people, I need 2 bags, if the boys are all really hungry I might even consider doing 3. While it’s about the same cost to make it from scratch with some good sales, if you’re in a hurry and time is against you, this is worth it. I have a weird thing about chicken. It seems like a lot of the frozen food chicken has a weird texture or is fatty or fake feeling in my mouth. Nope, not the case with this stuff. I actually really liked it. I liked that the pasta tasted really fresh and homemade. I really, really like the texture and flavor of the pasta. It’s actually better than the dried pasta you buy. I’ve bought this particular item at least 3 times now. I am not compensated for reviewing these products and even if I was, I’d give my honest review. With that being said, maybe one day I can get compensated. That’d be pretty cool….but moving on, before I get myself side tracked….I review these products for a few reasons. First, I think a lot of times these random little products get overlooked and they’re not exactly popular because people get scared to try them. I’m always looking for inexpensive, easy meals. Mostly because my husband is home for lunch and I like to provide a meal that isn’t sandwich food. This is definitely a meal that I add to my list of lunch food. It actually gets added to my Monday night madness meals. Monday equals no time to cook..

Ya’ll keep an eye out for this meal kid. If you buy it, tell me how you like it!


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