BBQ Pork


Mondays. The day I dread. It’s long. It’s rough. It’s Cub Scout Monday. I know this isn’t Monday, but this was Monday’s dinner. It’s a throw it in the crockpot, go about your business kind of day. I need meals that are quick. Throw that stuff in the crockpot and go. Generally, if I don’t use the crockpot we either have to eat out or do stuff like hot dogs or chicken nuggets. Something that’s frozen. If those aren’t options, then we have to go out to eat. Most of the time I am not a fan of eating out, especially if it’s a school night. It seems like a quick option, but it really isn’t. By the time we go get food, get home, get it ate, it’s really just late. We’ve been trying to eat before scouts here lately. We’ve realized since there is snack time at the end of scouts that we can just eat before scouts. It’s working so far!

Pork roast

BBQ Sauce

1 cup water

Take roast, water, and about 1/4 cup BBQ sauce and put in crockpot. Cook for 7-8 hours. When done shred and then mix with bbq sauce. Serve on a hamburger bun.


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