BBQ Chicken in Homemade Sauce


I’m always looking for new. I get bored and tired of the same ol’ thing. If I find an interesting recipe, I’m likely to just make it. As you guys know I’ve been pretty unsettled the last few months. It’s been a crazy time in my life. I’ve needed a change. I’m just so restless lately. I do this every year about this time. I just need something more. Most of my posts I’ve referenced my boys. My oldest is actually my nephew. He lived with us for the last year while he attended high school. He has graduated now. I can’t be more proud of him. He came a long way. He has had a rough go the last year. Honestly I didn’t know if he was even going to get to graduate. I fought the school board to allow him to even go to school here, because they wanted to put him in with the kids at risk. I wanted him to be a regular teen. I felt if I put him in the alternative school we’d have made no progress. He worked hard to get into the school doing summer online school to get credits and stuff. He has moved back to Florida now. We’ll remember his good times with us and we’ll forget about the bad times. That’s the great thing about the human mind. With my crazy hectic life going on, I dug out another new never tried recipe. I found this one and it turned out pretty good. I think next time I make it I might alter a few things. Enjoy folks.

1 cup ketchup

1 cup honey

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon garlic


Seriously it’s this easy! Add all the ingredients together. Simmer for a few minutes while you get the chicken going. I used breasts, but you can use ANY type. Pour mixture over chicken. Turn to coat. Pop in the oven until chicken is finished. You’re done!



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