Baked Apples


My grandparents on either side were born right after the depression. My dad’s mom still makes biscuits and cornbread like they did during the depression. I always thought depression cooking was creative. Not everything is something I’d eat, but I can’t imagine being in that situation. I’ve mentioned before that we weren’t exactly the most fortunate family when I was little, but my mom and dad worked so hard. They eventually was able to give their children more. That’s something I admire about my parents. Both of them are such hard working people. They’ve taught us what it means to provide. There’s a huge age difference with my siblings (their twins!) and me. They were a lot more fortunate that I was. They had things I didn’t get. I’m not so close to the twins now. At one time we were, but I think that time drives people apart. They just grow and change. I wont always love the things they do, but I’ll always love them.


cinnamon and sugar mixture



Core all of the apples. Put butter on the bottom of the apples. This about 1 teaspoon. Pour cinnamon sugar mixture inside of each apple. Put about 1/2 teaspoon of butter on top. Bake apples until completely soft. Once cooked then take some of the sauce in the pan and spoon over the top of the apple.


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