Review: Goya Rice


I love yellow rice. I really like the fact that this rice cooks easily. I’ve tried another brand (which we’ll leave nameless, but it’s a leading brand) and I never seem to get the rice done completely. I get so frustrated with it. I tend not to buy it anymore. I decided to try this one out. However, I wasn’t feeling optimistic about it. I really thought that It’d just end up having that I’m not done bite. It didn’t. It was very tender. It had easy to follow directions. It makes enough for a family of four. I’ll definitely be buying this from now on!


3 thoughts on “Review: Goya Rice”

    1. Yellow rice is made yellow by different spices and herbs that are mixed in it. Most of the time turmeric is the spice. Turmeric is actually really good for you. It contains holistic purpose, which I find very interesting…so whenever I can add these type of spices I’m all for it. Anyway, when I’m in a pinch, this rice is the closest I’ve found that resembles my own homemade version. Def my favorite pre packaged mix.

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