Back to School Lunch

W21475923_10154985560375895_1741514855_nWe talked about back to school breakfast, but what about lunch? I know this picture looks horrible, so I’m sorry. I try to give him something different. He refuses to eat at school and get’s tired of sandwiches. I’m going to start showing some of the stuff that I make for lunch. Maybe it’ll inspire someone. I pack Cooper lunch and a snack. Today for lunch he gets Spaghetti O’s, apple, and juice. For snack he’s getting Chex Mix Turtle snack. He loves that stuff. This I’ll admit is one of his unhealthy lunches. I very rarely let him have Spaghetti O’s. They have a lot of carbs. However, I can say I let Cooper take over a fit bit we have. The kid get’s some exercise. Yesterday He had 126 minutes worth of high heart rate exercise. He must have been running his heart out or something. More to come later folks!


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