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Back to School Breakfast


Coop goes back to school. I always try to give him meals that are healthy and different. It must get boring to eat the same thing every day for breakfast. I’m always getting questions from people about what they can make that’s different for breakfasts and lunches. I’ve decided I’m going to post some of these things I make throughout the year. Hopefully, someone will have inspiration from my meals. I don’t always cook everything from scratch. I’d love to, but let’s face it, time is an issue. This mornings breakfast consisted of Oranges, M&M yogurt, and two mini chocolate chip muffins. I’ll say that normally I don’t like to give him so much chocolate…However, I forgot to buy different yogurt, so we make do with what we have. I always make the muffins the night before while I’m making dinner. It’s really not that much of an extra step. I also pre slice the oranges. Usually one orange lasts for two days. I try to not cut up a ton of fruit, because I don’t like it to just sit in the fridge.


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