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A New York Breakfast


We woke up on our trip and decided to go for breakfast. We went to Bill’s which is inside of the Marriott. The breakfast was pretty good. I really didn’t care for the potatoes. The pieces were just too big and I just left the whole lot of it on my plate. I did eat my eggs. They were good, but they didn’t understand the concept of dry eggs. Yes, I’m one of those weird people who like eggs cooked just before they reach the scorched point. The reason I like this is because when I was little, we were eating breakfast before I had to go work in the field and another kid said to me…ew eggs look like snot! Thirty years later, I still can’t eat them unless they’re well, well, well cooked. Gross. Anyway, the bread was pretty good too. I didn’t even eat the bacon, my son did. I ate half a piece. Overall, I really enjoyed the stay in NYC. Maybe we can one day visit again!


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