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Hot Dogs and NYC part II


You know, we just don’t have hot dog venders on every corner down here ya’ll. Every corner was filled with vendors it seemed like. Especially down near Battery Park were vendors of all natures. My husband insisted that we had to try one. Despite my flash backs on the TV Show Monk, where the vendors threw the hot dogs on the ground and back into the pot, etc…I agreed. They weren’t horrible. I just wish I had went to the Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand. We decided to try the other one. I hated the chili, so I ended up scrapping it off. Otherwise we were pleased. We also bought a sausage dog, which the guys liked. Here’s the thing….the cost is freaking outrageous! For 4 hotdogs, 1 sausage dog, 1 chicken kabob, and 4 sodas I paid 56.00 and change. WHAT THE WORLD!?!?!? Would I eat there again? Nah….I’d rather go spend my money on a restaurant I can sit down in. Thanks though. We enjoyed our “NYC” experience.


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