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Hot Dog Chili


I couldn’t ever make chili. I tried all kinds of recipes. Nothing worked. Nothing tasted good. One day mom comes to me and says guess what…I found this recipe. I tried it thinking gross…this isn’t going to taste good. I was so wrong. It’s very good. Now I don’t make chili any other way. My mother in law watched me make the chili and she was so confused as to why I put water in the beef. Guys I’m serious, do this! It breaks your meat up and it makes the meat the texture it needs to be.

1 package of chili seasoning (or your own)

1 can of tomato soup

1/2-1 lbs hamburger meat

a little water

Tip: Add a little water and it’ll not be as chunky.

Brown meat in a frying pan. Drain and rinse meat (this helps get rid of excess grease). Add half or whole pack of chili seasoning. Add half to whole can of tomato soup.


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