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Morton Sea Salt Rub?


Today is the mother in law’s birthday….I had hubby ask her what she wanted for dinner and she said ribs. My go to recipe for ribs is a marinade that takes all day. I had two hours until dinner time. What’s a girl to do??

I decided to do a rub. Normally, I make the rub for it, but I just wasn’t feeling it today.  I wanted to do something easy enough. I spent five minutes looking at rubs and marinades. Finally I told the husband “we’ve never tried this before…let’s just do it!?” He agreed. So I bought this bad boy.

I’m shocked how good this rub is. I rubbed it on and threw it in the oven with my ribs covered. I did this for an hour or so. When I took them out they were so tender. I put on some BBQ sauce and put it back in under broil for literally 2 minutes. She LOVED it. Said it was better than most she’d eaten.

Happy birthday to my Mother in Law!18834312_10154643591760895_120238153_n


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